About The Belligerent Barnes

Hello there!

          Who in the hell is the Belligerent Barnes? I am! My name is Nathan Barnes. I live in Richmond, Virginia with my two kids and fat dog. My days are spent with my body stuck in corporate isolation while my mind constantly ponders apocalyptic wonders or global domination.

          I consider my geekdom to be quite multifaceted. My childhood was shaped by a stern education of Star Trek and The Simpsons. Despite the efforts of my dad, I always preferred Star Wars over Star Trek. I’m also a lifelong LEGO fanatic (tattoo and all) with a sprawling collection of minifigures comprised of over a hundred unique figures. Comic books are part of my daily life and I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. There is nothing better than finding a good graphic novel or comic book then getting utterly lost in it. Much of the posts on this blog will be reviews of graphic novels because I typically read 2-3 a week on average (primarily DC). Lastly, HORROR! I love all things scary. Many of the books I write are rooted in horror for a damn good reason.

          Oh yeah! I wrote some books. From what I hear, many of them don’t suck. On another page I’ll pimp all those things to read with my name on the front.