I have many leatherbound books.

          Are you a reader? Good! It just so happens that I wrote some stuff! If you’re a fan of the zombie apocalypse or demonic possession then I have just the books for you….

          Writing a book was a lifelong goal of mine. Working years on the midnight shift at a police station turned me into enough of a zombie that I was inspired to write THE REAPER VIRUS. At the time I wasn’t confident enough as a writer to think of original characters. Still wanting to cross this goal off my list, I used the people near and dear to me as characters in the book. In fact, the majority of the characters in the primary story are based on real people and settings. If you’re a Richmond, VA native, then the scenery should feel quite familiar. The path taken by the main character is actually traceable on Google Maps.

          If you missed the link to my Amazon Author Page above, here’s a breakdown of what has escaped my brain in some complete form. This is listed chronologically by publication date.



Available on the Amazon Kindle Store

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store

William is hearing a voice in his head. It’s encouraging him to never hold back and to become more than he ever thought he could be. This multiple time #1 Amazon bestseller is a raunchy tale that my mother is never allowed to read. Go ahead, embrace your inner demon… we all know humanity is overrated. 


Available in Print, Audible, and digital formats from Permuted Press.

An ordinary man fights to survive through a world of murder, betrayal and the undead in order to reach his loved ones once again.

“If you enjoyed THE ROAD, you will also love THE REAPER VIRUS.” – Bricks of the Dead


“What a zombie version of THE ODYSSEY would look like.” – Living Dead Media


“It reminds me a little of both Matheson’s I AM LEGEND and Brooks’ WORLD WAR Z.” – Trauma Magazine


SARCOPHAGUS: A Reaper Virus Story

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

In this companion story set around the events described in THE REAPER VIRUS, Jessica is a single mother who is desperate to get her daughter to safety during the chaos following the appearance of the R33PR “Reaper” Virus in their city. As their world decays around them, she begins to wonder if there’s such thing as a happy ending in the apocalypse.


Available in digital formats from Permuted Press.

In this sequel to THE REAPER VIRUS, a father’s desperate quest to save his family has evolved into a struggle all of them must endure. They learn there are no limits when all that is left of your reasons to fight is each other. Without limits, what remains of your humanity when you must become a monster in order to fight monsters?

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