INCORRUPTIBLE by Mark Waid & Jean Diaz – Volume 1


INCORRUPTIBLE written by Mark Waid  illustrated by Jean Diaz takes place alongside the events of IRREDEEMABLEThe basic concept is similar, however the order is reversed with a villain trying to become one of the ‘good guys’.

Super villain Max Damage (sounds like a name Homer Simpson came up with) returns after an absence following his rumored death. Max’s superpower is pretty interesting; his strength/invulnerability increases long longer he is awake. It was a nice touch having Max fret over the first hour of consciousness because that’s the only time he’s able to shave. Come on, Max, go for a full and invulnerable beard!

I liked INCORRUPTIBLE, but no where near as much as I did IRREDEEMABLE. The characters are a tad cliche… enough that it almost turned me away from the rest of the story. Then Mark Waid crafted Max Damage’s turning point (directly involving the Plutonian) in a fantastic way that brought me right back in. I’m not as eager to continue reading this as I am its evil counterpart, however, it will certainly stay on my radar.

INCORRUPTIBLE Volume 1 is worth a read. I give it a 6 out of 10.

6 out of 10 



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