SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #1 by Max Landis & Nick Dragotta


This title is an example of why I’m so partial to DC Comics…. once again they have taken a character that is universally known/established and find a way to make it feel fresh.

SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #1, written by Max Landis and illustrated by Nick Dragotta, doesn’t try to reimagine or embellish the Man of Steel. Instead, we are treated to a step back when Superman was nothing more than a kid trying to wrap his mind around how extraordinary he is/will be. This issue deals with Clark Kent’s initial gravity-defying exploits which are visually cemented through impressive artwork. It is all approached in a way that has me very excited for the remaining six issues and what super power will be covered next.

Another factor I really enjoyed is how Ma and Pa Kent are almost as much of a focus as young Clark. Jonathan Kent was especially effective as he wrestled with the proper way to guide his adopted son. This is the second story I’ve read in 2015 that hit me on a deeper level as a father (the first being the phenomenal WYTCHES by Scott Snyder).

Comics are my favorite medium because they possess the power to entertain, dazzle, amuse, or move. They resonate with an audience in ways as versatile and varied as the people reading it.

My rating of SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #1 is 9 out of 10.

9 out of 10

Keep it up, DC Comics. Storylines like this are what make you great.

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