Jessica Jones – SPOILER FREE Season 1 Review

No matter where your comic book loyalties lie (DC FAN FOR LIFE), you have to hand it to Marvel. Marvel has taken a specific formula for entertainment and shattered every imaginable expectation. That’s not to say DC doesn’t have the right things going for them – Arrow and Flash are a blast while Supergirl is finding her footing and Legends of Tomorrow looks awesome. However, DC had a solid year of a successful broadcast television series before Marvel released Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which has gotten very good over the last two seasons).


The scales tipped towards Marvel earlier this year when we learned that the coupling of Marvel and Netflix results in some beautiful babies. Netflix is the only outlet, other than picky premium channels, that can allow a more ‘adult’ comic book property to blossom with all of its child-unfriendly glory. Daredevil proved this and, in my humble opinion, was near perfect. The best comic adaptation produced thus far is without question Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. If TDK is a 10 on that scale, Daredevil easily ranks a 9. I cannot wait to check out season 2 with the inclusion of Punisher.


‘The Man Without Fear’ set the bar very high; it was hard to imagine another series with a B-list character coming even close to that mark. Such a reputation could easily be detrimental to properties in its wake. In the case of Ms. Jones I think this actually worked in her favor because people were willing to watch purely as a result of Daredevil’s reputation. I knew nothing of Jessica Jones prior to watching this. At face value it certainly lacks the allure of a superpowered man in red with horns. I’m so happy that didn’t stop me from watching.


Jessica Jones – Netflix Season 1



I called this a ‘spoiler free’ review and I will stick to that. It’s difficult to comment without referencing certain scenes so you’ll have to forgive any vague generalizations.


The story once again takes place in post-Avengers New York. There is almost a sense of resentment in the general public towards people with abilities because of the massive damage done during the Kree invasion. Marvel’s inclusion of this aftermath in multiple properties has made for a more realistic, enormously-scaled, cinematic world. I’m glad they’ve realized it doesn’t take a guest starring role from an Avenger to tie everything in. Seeing someone react to Jessica with a comment of “you’re one of them, aren’t you?”, or even with an unspoken shocked/frightened reaction to a display of powers, can be more impactful than Robert Downey Jr. waltzing on screen.


Speaking of powers, Jessica’s are impressive enough to set her well above the average person but don’t spare her from danger. This was a nice balance because it was believable for her to be in danger while facing certain foes. She’s also sarcastic as hell – a quality I respect in any character. Her actions were believable in the way she deals with her abilities and the rest of the world.


Casting in this series is flawless. Krysten Ritter made the part her own and stuck to it. She has earned her place in the Marvel Universe – can’t wait to see her return! All of the supporting cast also did a fine job in bringing something to the party. My favorite, by far, is David Tennant’s portrayal of the big bad guy – Kilgrave. He could go from down right charming to despicably evil in one breath. Mind control is a tough concept to show because it walks a line between silly and believability. Tennant took that line and masterfully traced his own path. His effortless commands came so fluidly that it was chilling. One moment you want to give him a hug while the next you are cringing at the execution of his orders.


Was Jessica Jones as good as Daredevil? No, and I mean that in the best way possible because it never tries to be Daredevil. Don’t go into it expecting the same experience. This series set its own path as a dark, mature crime noir drama with a kickass superhero flair. The combination works wonderfully! Add Jessica Jones to the top of your queue – it is well worth your time.


My rating of Jessica Jones Season 1 is 8 out of 10.

8 out of 10

I still want to give David Tennant a hug.


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