Top 5 2015 Releases – Funko’s Pop! Vinyl

With the 2015 nearly behind us, it’s fun to take a look back at the highlights from what came out of the year and get excited about what 2016 might bring. In regards to my ‘Top 5’ lists, please keep in mind that I am only going to list what I have personally dealt with. I’m not going to write opinions on something I haven’t experienced. Sadly, stupid adult responsibilities prevent me from spending every hour of the day reading comic books, building LEGO, playing Xbox, or watching TV/movies. With that said, there’s a very good chance I’ve missed out on something list worthy. If you think something is missing then PLEASE let me know! If there’s one thing the geeky community is good at, it’s sharing opinions. I want to hear yours!


Top 5 2015 Releases – Funko’s Pop! Vinyl


Crap. This is going to be a tough one to narrow down…. Funko’s Pop! Vinyl is a very addicting collectible. Their endless variety of product licenses ensure they can hook your interest in one way or another. I’ve had to be a bit more choosy with collecting Pop! because they take up a lot more shelf space than my army of LEGO Minifigures. Also, the price point tends to be a touch higher and I have ravenous mouths at home demanding to be fed. In spite of it all (and much to my darling wife’s dismay… again), I have snagged quite a few great selections from Funko’s war machine.


I’m intentionally leaving out any that were included in subscription boxes. This was hard because Marvel’s Collectors Corp, Smuggler’s Bounty, and the occasional Loot Crate have sent out some awesome selections. Since these aren’t ones you’d find on a regular store shelf, I don’t want to rank them against regularly retail-circulated choices.


Here are my Top 5 favorite Funko Pop! Vinyl figures that were released this year….


#5 – Deathclaw


The Deathclaw – nightmarish bane of every wastelanders existence. Funko did a great job at capturing the likeness of the Deathclaw in semi-adorable Pop! form. I love when a totally new mold has been created for vinyl figures; the attention to detail is commendable over slapping a new color scheme on an existing mold. When I heard they were making a Deathclaw I feared they would skimp on the horns. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at all for this must-own collectible for any Fallout fan.


#4 Cthulhu – Horror Mystery Minis Series 2

Cthulhu Mystery Mini

Yes, a mystery mini CAN stand alongside full-sized Pop! in a best of list. I love mystery minis. Their science fiction and horror are fantastic. It’s so tempting to buy an entire box of them just to ensure the good ones can be found. The Cthulhu figure in Horror Mystery Minis Series 2 is one of the most detailed Pop! Vinyl figures around. It boasts more fine details than most of the full sized figures have. From the suction cups under his tenticles to both of his smite-ready clenched fists, this mini is a worthy tribute to the Old Ones.


#3 – Spirit Yoda


If you’re a Pop! collector, make sure to stop in your local Walgreen’s for some hidden gems that can be found exlusively to the hit-or-miss store. The line of exclusive Star Wars Pop! that are currently making their rounds are worth stopping for. You can find Boba Fett in his prototype white armor, Imperial Guards, Snow Troopers, etc. One does stand above all of those great options (even Boba) – Spirit Yoda. This glow in the dark bobblehead is perfect in every way. Normally glow in the dark is thrown in there just to make something collectible, but in Yoda’s case it makes the character. The light blue color and faint green glow totally embodies the spirit form worthy of Master Yoda. Here’s a picture of mine after some decent light exposure –



#2 – Jabba the Hutt (3 pack)


I previously did a full review of the vile gangster’s value-pack before so his high list rank should come as a surprise. Run to your local Walmart to find one for yourself before they’re all gone. You get a heck of a lot for $30 in this stand out set. Check out my writeup on it if you need convincing.


#1 – Big Daddy


If you consider yourself a gamer, then I should hope you’ve spent some time in Rapture. The Bioshock series is phenomenal in every possible way. Between its immersive (no pun intended) setting to its captivating visual story, Bioshock sets the bar for what a shooter can and should be. Funko decided to take a trip into the depths of Rapture and through the clouds to Columbia, they  proved once again that we can trust them with our favorite creative properties. Simply put, Big Daddy is perfect. It is superbly crafted to be a standout from other vinyl figures. No detail was skimped. No component of his suit or drill was left out. His menacing stature creates a display-worthy collectible that makes me want to replay every game from the start.
Well done, Funko! If you keep putting must-own out figures like these then I’ll just have to get a bigger shelf. Are you a Pop! fanatic? Which 2015 releases were your favorite?

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