LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren


Everything is awesome when it comes to LEGO’s brick by brick plot to take over the world. It’s easy to be a vocal supporter of these blocky overlords when they continue to innovate and captivate through releases like the Star Wars Buildable Figure lines. I loved every single piece of the General Grievous set that came out with the first wave. It’s no surprise that Kylo Ren drew my attention when the the second wave arrived!


LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren 75117 (Quick Review)




This was a much quicker build than General Grievous because Kylo Ren is obviously a smaller statured character than the menacing robot. LEGO did a good job compensating for the smaller piece count with some clever added functions for increase playability. My builds don’t get much play time on a display shelf, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the addition of playtime flexibility. One item that was particularly well executed is the use of fabric cloak/cape sections. If this hadn’t been done correctly (like it was) then it could have come off as too rigid or robotic looking.




Kylo’s head piece is very well molded. It would have been neat to have some sort of removable section instead of one pre-built piece, however, the detail makes it an incredibly accurate depiction of the short-tempered villain. Having it be anything other than the one solid piece probably would have made it look disproportionate so it was a good move. 




The lightsaber is well executed in terms of proportions. My main complaint is that it should have some kind of rough texture to properly allude to the uniquely unstable nature. If they’d added this detail it would have been absolutely perfect.




All in all, this is a hell of a set. I’m more eager now than ever to get the remaining Buildable figures. My daughter has repeatedly asked for the Captain Phasma as a birthday present later this month. Once she builds that, I predict Kylo will have a temper tantrum along with the others in some sorely deserved playtime.


My rating of the LEGO Kylo Ren Buildable Figure is 9 out of 10.


9 out of 10

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