LEGO BvS: Clash of the Heroes Set Review

2016 should be an excellent year for DC Comics fans! A major event in that excellent year hits in less than a month with the release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This month I’m planning on focusing my reviews on DC Comics items to celebrate. What better way is there to kick things off than with LEGO?


LEGO Batman v Superman: Clash of the Heroes #76044




LEGO nuts everywhere knew that the coming of a new movie meant some long overdue new DC Super Hero sets would be on the way. Set #76044 – ‘Clash of the Heroes’ was the first to catch my eye. With a fairly low price point of $12.99, it is an easy addition to any collection. I’ll split the review into three segments: each minifigure separately then the set itself.




The minifigures alone make this well worth the cost!


2016-03-03 21.19.13


Superman is a definite upgrade from the old Man of Steel sets. His cape is made of flexible fabric that is textured in the way it actually looks in the movie. Prior versions had the normal LEGO rigid fabric/paper feeling material that takes away from some of the visual appeal. The only downside to this with Superman is how visible the fabric is between the head piece and torso (which is normal, but bugs me nonetheless). I’d love to see LEGO find a way to cut the fabric in a way that makes it less noticeable in that respect. Supes also has a slightly different hairstyle that may not follow the traditional jerry curl, but does match the mindset of a character evolution between films.




Batman is the real treat in this little set. LEGO did a great job translating his menacing battle armor into tiny minifigure form. The cape is fabric like Superman’s, however, the ends are concealed by his armor making a more streamlined integration to the overall look. I also like how the armor has a spot for a batarang or grappling hook to attach; most other Batman figures are limited to what his little hooked hands can carry. Let’s talk about the coolest feature – his eyes glow! Unfortunately, so does his mouth…. When I took the above picture I had to cover up his mouth with a piece of gum to block the light I used to get the eyes glowing. This is a minor complaint, yet, I can’t help but think LEGO could have easily limited the glow in the dark printing to just the eyes. Nitpicking aside, Batman looks absolutely kick ass.


2016-03-03 21.14.03


The set isn’t anything special. That’s unfortunate because there is an obvious attempt to add some playability. I wish LEGO had focused on making the set a more functional base for the figures that would be display worthy. Regardless, it’s awesome having a LEGO version of the bat signal. This piece is pretty much the only redeeming quality of features outside of the minifigs. My plan is to scrap the main set in favor of using the bat signal and figures in a more shelf-worthy arrangement.


Even though the rest of the set brings down the total score a couple points, overall Clash of the Heroes is definitely worth picking up. I’d probably pay  $7-$10 for each figure separately. Having the whole thing be $12.99 is a steal.


My rating for LEGO Batman v Superman: Clash of the Heroes is 7.5 out of 10.


7 out of 10Half a star.png

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