DEEP DARK FEARS by Fran Krause

DEEP DARK FEARS by Fran Krause

Everyone is afraid of something. Fears could be widely held, personally obscure, or that tiny piece of yourself locked away from the world in your subconscious. Fran Krause decided the best way to cope with his own was to draw them out in comic strip form. The idea is really quite brilliant; manifesting thoughts or scenarios that frighten us in non-threatening (and downright charming) cartoons is a spectacular way to face them.

I followed Fran’s Facebook after first reading about the comic in a Gizmodo article. From then on, periodically seeing his comics appear in my feed was always a treat. I’m a horror author with a slight comic book obsession – how could I not love his work?

The book itself is presented perfectly as a simple, non-flashy hardcover bound in black. Inside are 101 fears belonging to the author or dozens of contributors who were ready to face their fears. Each fear is given fair treatment – numbered with at least a page of its own for Krause’s art to bring them to life. In the end, readers are treated to an array of silly to sad or even just plain creepy.

I’m not going to repost any of the comics here because you should really check it out to see for yourself. This collection is well-priced, unique and definitely worth owning. Here are my top 10 fears from the book – look them up then tell me which ones you liked the most:

  • Fear #16
  • Fear #17
  • Fear #22
  • Fear #26
  • Fear #43
  • Fear #52
  • Fear #59
  • Fear #62
  • Fear #64
  • Fear #101

My rating of DEEP DARK FEARS by Fran Krause is an enjoyable 10 out of 10.

10 out of 10

Go pick it up and see what you’re afraid of! I promise you’ll have a great time in the process.

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