LEGO The Joker Bumper Car

LEGO The Joker Bumper Car (30303)

LEGO polybag sets are often hit or miss. Usually at $3.99 a piece, they are at the same price point as standalone LEGO Minifigures so they can often be a great value. Sometimes they are uninteresting themes (Ninjago) or you get a fairly generic minifigure with some ordinary pieces. Other times you buy it exclusively for the figure and see the 40-something pieces as a bonus. Regardless, when the theme is right, polybags are a must own.

The Joker Bumper Car (30303) is the best of both worlds. It includes a spectacular minifigure with a display-worthy build. Minifigures like this particular Joker could easily go for $10 on its own in the secondary market. His sculpted hair is different from the hat-wearing Joker Steamroller minifig and the pie is unlike any other piece in my vast array of bricks. The bumper car itself is both fun and easy. When I picked mine up I also grabbed one for each of my kids. Even my daughter (at age 5) had little difficulty putting everything in place.

I was quite pleased with the end result! It only takes up the equivalent of two-ish regular minifigures so it can be displayed along with other figures without eating up too much shelf space. Many LEGO polybag sets have the minifigure sitting alongside the build rather than as an integral part – I’m very happy this wasn’t the case here. Joker sits snugly inside making for a compact build that will remain intact on my ongoing display.

My review of LEGO The Joker Bumper Car (30303) is a perfect 10 out of 10.

10 out of 10

This set is finally showing up in Target Stores after almost a year of rumors over its placement. If you see it, don’t wait! Grab one for yourself because they’ll be sold out in no time at all.

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